A Rock Solid Foundation

Every company and organization needs a rock solid foundation, an IT infrastructure they can depend on and will help them save time and money.

That infrastructure is SharePoint, the system that companies and organizations can’t stop raving about for its ease of use and functionality. With SharePoint, you can have more collaboration, Cloud functionality, and automated processes to create more efficiency.

StoneShare will incorporate SharePoint into every aspect of your business so you can build on solid ground.

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Azure Comes to Canada

StoneShare can bring you to the cloud while keeping all your data safely in Canada.

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Municipal Records Management

Learn more about our work with systems and workflows specific to municipal records management.

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Solutions & Services

Municipal Systems

A municipal government needs the most responsive, flexible and operationally sound SharePoint infrastructure because of the importance of its work. Only the best, most cost-effective and efficient IT processes will do for taxpayers’ dollars.

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Records Management

Documents, data, and internal and external communications all need to be processed and managed with precision, discretion, and efficiency. A SharePoint deployment is the best way to achieve this.

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Sharepoint 2013

This is what we do – and we do it best. SharePoint 2013 is the go-to platform for the most sophisticated, forward-thinking, and innovative organizations on the planet. And we help them design, implement and maintain their SharePoint deployments, bringing them to higher levels of productivity, service, and profitability.

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Our highly-skilled StoneShare team will not only design and implement a game-changing deployment that will be immeasurably beneficial to your organization, but will also pass that knowledge and expertise on to your staff so everyone is on the same page.

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Websites & Portals

Having leading-edge websites and portals is crucial for the smooth operation of your organization. Both are windows into your organization and are key to your internal and external interactions with clients, customers, and other users.

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Development and deployment of a SharePoint system is just one piece of a larger puzzle. StoneShare offers unparalleled consultation and support throughout the process to ensure that your entire operation benefits from the deployment both now and in the future.

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