Document and Records Management
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Document and Records Management

In today’s world, we are overwhelmed by a bevy of documents and records, all that need to be processed and managed with a high level of organization, efficiency, and a mind on security.

StoneShare will help you streamline your records management processes for both hard copy and electronic documentation. We will create solutions that are easy to use, adopt, and result in content that is searchable, auditable, and secure. Of course, you’ll be backed the whole way by our superior service and support systems so you won’t have to worry about a thing.

Physical and Electronic Records


Information Architecture

An important aspect of your SharePoint infrastructure is the information architecture, which is how your information is organized and presented to your users.

StoneShare will ensure that your information architecture is as efficient as possible. We will do a comprehensive assessment to identify any inefficiencies, and provide solutions such as using metadata to make search easier, or installing a catalogue system so decision makers can find the right data quickly.

Good information architecture is manageable, secure, and adds to your effectiveness. StoneShare will get you there.


File Plan Development and Consulting

File plans and other classification schemes are critical components of records management implementations.

StoneShare will understand your organization and the records that are generated, and develop file plans or business classification schemes that are suited to your needs. Our file plans will ensure that all your records are correctly classified, referenced, and stored, and are implementable in a wide variety of records management systems.

Our file plan development also includes user training that informs all users of why the file plan is important and how to use it correctly.


Compliance and Governance

In today’s world, it is very important to protect, classify, and preserve your organization’s information in case of litigation or audit, all in a cost effective and legally defensible way.

StoneShare will develop a compliance program that will address high-risk areas first and reduce your litigation risk. We will set up a system that automatically classifies and declares records, and populates metadata so that your compliance system is always up to date and functional.

Part of a good compliance program is a proper governance structure that places clear accountability across the board. StoneShare will create a governance system for your organization that will plan for the worst-case scenario, and ensure that future investigations and inquiries run smoothly.


Email, Scanning and System Integration

StoneShare will provide full scanning, email, and system integration for your SharePoint infrastructure. This will provide unique advantages such as the ability to automatically send emails and reminders, to drag and drop emails and attachments to SharePoint within Outlook, and to automatically file emails to SharePoint using Send-and-File.

StoneShare will provide special attention to security and performance so you have an integrated system you can trust and that works seamlessly.


Physical Records Management

Although the world is less of a cluttered place when everything is organized electronically, sometimes that just isn’t an option.

If your physical records are scattered and abundant, StoneShare can help. We will track, manage, and secure your physical records with precision, discretion, and efficiency. With your physical records properly managed, they can be integrated into SharePoint search for a unified search experience.

Don’t have two separate worlds, a physical and an electronic one, combine the two into a centralized management system so you can continue your work with ease and with peace of mind that everything is organized and searchable.



You can spend all the time you want creating a great documents and records management system, but what will ultimately make or break it is the search functionality. That is because search is one of the most used and relied upon features of digital content today.

StoneShare will optimize your search functionality by using the right technology, and keep it updated, fine-tuned, and strongly governed. Don’t try to find a needle in a haystack again and waste company resources and time. Find what you’re looking for with a few taps and a click.


Fileshare and Legacy Migrations

Migrating from a legacy system, such as OpenText, DocsOpen, or Hummingbird, is a delicate process that must be done one step at a time. If the implementation is done correctly, the system will be reliable, user friendly, and the documents and records will be easy to find. If not, the system may fail because documents are not properly organized, or the hardware is not capable of hosting such a system.

StoneShare will guide you through the process to obtain the best possible system outcome. We will conduct a feasibility study with a cost and benefit analysis, analyze existing paper systems and electronic documents, and identify problems and inefficiencies within the existing systems.

We will also migrate your current File Shares so that all of your preferences are still intact. Or, we can take the opportunity to enrich your files with metadata, delete unused files, or reassign unique permissions so you can move forward with a spring in your step.


On-Premise, Cloud, Hybrid Deployments

StoneShare offers On-Premise, Cloud, or Hybrid Deployment options for your SharePoint implementation.

In 2013, Microsoft added cloud functionality to SharePoint. The addition offers unique advantages, such as consistent updates, synchronization between mobile devices and PCs, and an app ecosystem to add functionality.

However, many organizations choose to keep their infrastructure on premise for added security, or opt for a hybrid deployment, which combines the best of both worlds. Organizations often choose the hybrid option to avoid the risk of moving key custom built applications, but still use the Cloud for other tasks such as storing large amounts of information for analyzing.

StoneShare can accommodate any of these three deployment options to ensure a smooth and error-free transition. Over the years we have developed an automated migration process, so you don’t have to worry about manual errors. Whether on the Cloud or not, we will get your system up and running so you can have the best in Records Management software.

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