Municipal Records Management
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Municipal Records Management

StoneShare can deliver on a responsive, flexible, operationally sound SharePoint infrastructure for municipal governments. Only the best, most cost effective, and efficient IT processes will do for the important work of municipal governments and for taxpayers' hard earned money.

We Understand Municipal Platforms

StoneShare has the extensive and time-tested ability to provide superior service and expertise for local governments across Canada.

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TownSquare Brings All Your Systems Together


About TownSquare

TownSquare is a Communication and Collaboration Solution that is fully compliant with Local Government Information Management and compliance legislation. TownSquare has been designed to capture broad user adoption, without sacrificing information governance and compliance concerns, by offering users an easy to operate, modern and effective collaboration experience.

More than just software, TownSquare includes implementation accelerators such as a well-documented Implementation Methodology, pre-configured Municipal Information Architecture, pre-defined Solution Architectures for small, medium and large Municipalities, Test Plans with Test Cases and customized training materials for System Administrators, Content Managers and End Users. Combined, these elements help reduce the costs and risks associated with implementation projects of this nature. Combined, these elements help reduce the costs and risks associated with implementing content services projects.

TownSquare resonates with Records Managers because it was designed, in part, by Records Managers. Uniquely, StoneShare uses an employee-based staffing model with Senior Records Managers on staff at all times. Our Records Managers possess more than 20 years of experience and are actively involved with the largest and most influential Information Management organizations AIIM and ARMA International. This deep involvement in records management associations and research bodies is central to constructing our internal community of best practices, tapping into the collective wisdom of a thriving community that live and breathe information-driven innovation.


Compliance and Governance

In order to achieve compliance, one must have a strong governance system where there is a clear set of administrators with clearly defined responsibilities. Administrators are responsible for keeping the records up to date on federal and provincial statutes and regulations, and to schedule necessary revisions.

StoneShare will ensure that you follow the stringent rules of governance and help you create a strong internal compliance and governance structure. We will address high-risk areas first and potential problems that might affect you specifically.



StoneShare can scan older bound By-Law, Minute and Assessment Roll books, as well as newer paper documents with our high speed document scanners.

We will associate keywords and index fields to electronic documents so you can find what you need easily; a necessity when converting physical documents to electronic. The completed scans will be stored on the server of the Municipality, and you will receive links so the scans can be easily accessed.


Email, Scanning, and Amanda Integration

AMANDA is an asset management software that allows your departments to make their own changes, as opposed to other software that might require significant IT support for small tasks. AMANDA also compiles information on a single platform, so you can have a reliable citywide database that all departments can access. StoneShare can integrate AMANDA software into your records management system so you can take advantage of these features.

In addition to AMANDA Integration, StoneShare also provides full scanning and email integration. Scanning and email integration provides unique advantages, such as the ability to automatically send emails and reminders, to drag and drop emails and attachments to SharePoint within Outlook, and to automatically file emails to SharePoint using Send-and-File.

It is integral to your efficiency to have the best systems working together seamlessly, and StoneShare can make it happen.


The Ontario Municipal Records Management System (TOMRMS)

TOMRMS is a complete system for managing paper records used by hundreds of Ontario municipalities since 1990, and is the ideal system for organizing large collections of paper documents. TOMRMS uses a strict set of laws, regulations, and protocols to ensure the security of highly sensitive municipal records.

Migrating to an electronic document and records management system is a detailed step by step process, made even more nuanced with the regulations of TOMRMS. Thankfully, StoneShare has extensive experience implementing TOMRMS and can navigate the rigorous privacy and public records regulations with finesse.

When implementation is done correctly, your system will be reliable, user friendly, and the documents and records will be easily searchable.


Physical Records Management

The world would be a less cluttered place if everything could be stored electronically, but sometimes that just isn’t an option.

If your physical records are scattered and abundant, StoneShare can help. We will track, manage, and secure your physical records with precision, discretion, and efficiency. With your physical records properly managed, they can be integrated into SharePoint search for a unified search experience.

Don’t have two separate worlds, a physical and an electronic one, combine the two into a centralized management system so you can continue your work with ease and with peace of mind that everything is organized and searchable.


FileShare and Legacy Migrations

Migrating from a legacy system, such as OpenText, DocsOpen, or Hummingbird, is a delicate process that must be done one step at a time. If the implementation is done correctly, the system will be reliable, user friendly, and the documents and records will be easy to find. If not, the system may fail because documents are not properly organized, or the hardware is not capable of hosting such a system.

StoneShare will guide you through the process to obtain the best possible system outcome. We will conduct a feasibility study with a cost and benefit analysis, analyze existing paper systems and electronic documents, and identify problems and inefficiencies within the existing systems.

We will also migrate your current File Shares so that all of your preferences are still intact. Or, we can take the opportunity to enrich your files with metadata, delete unused files, or reassign unique permissions so you can move forward with a spring in your step.


On-Premise, Cloud, Hybrid Deployments

StoneShare offers On-Premise, Cloud, or Hybrid Deployment options for your SharePoint implementation.

In 2013, Microsoft added cloud functionality to SharePoint. The addition offers unique advantages, such as consistent updates, synchronization between mobile devices and PCs, and an app ecosystem to add functionality.

However, many organizations choose to keep their infrastructure on premise for added security, or opt for a hybrid deployment, which combines the best of both worlds. Organizations often choose the hybrid option to avoid the risk of moving key custom built applications, but still use the Cloud for other tasks such as storing large amounts of information for analyzing.

StoneShare can accommodate any of these three deployment options to ensure a smooth and error-free transition. Over the years we have developed an automated migration process, so you don’t have to worry about manual errors. Whether on the Cloud or not, we will get your system up and running so you can have the best in Records Management software.

Proven Experience in Municipal Records Management

We understand your pain points, your custom software, your different reporting systems. We can make it all work together, effectively and efficiently.

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