Having dynamic and efficient websites and portals are crucial for the smooth operation of your organization. Your portal should speak to your clients in a personalized way, empower your employers, and bring your team together as one. Trust StoneShare to create the perfect portal experience that will take your business to the next level of service and productivity.

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Employee Portals

Give your employees the tools they deserve to get the job done right

A well-structured employee portal makes your employees happier, your customers better taken care of, and your organization as a whole more efficient.

When employees have a proper portal, they have the tools to contribute more, have a greater understanding of what needs to be done, and can collaborate as an efficient team. This all results in employees doing their jobs more effectively, which increases the productivity of your organization.

A well designed employee portal also means higher customer satisfaction. When employees have everything they need at their fingertips, they can provide customers with accurate information quickly. This means less time searching and more time giving the customers the attention they deserve.

The increase in productivity and better customer service of an employee portal makes it an essential strategic asset for any organization.

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Customer Portals

Do your customers have the freedom to go at their own pace?

Customer portals give customers the freedom to do what they want, when they want. Instead of making customers call your organization, which wastes their time and your resources, a portal is an easy way for customers to achieve their goals at their own pace. The result is better, more efficient service, happier customers, and reduced costs.

A strategic customer portal also engages customers by fostering online communities and discussions. A sense of community inspires customers to take their own action and become an ally in achieving your organization's goals. No more convincing people to do what they don't want to. If they feel taken care of, they will want to take the initiative.

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Member Portals

Do your members have shared goals and not even know it?

Create communication lines between your brand ambassadors, your employees on the floor, and other members of your organization's community through your member portal.

A dynamic member portal can create a place where all members of your community can participate, contribute, and create stronger connections. Your members will be surprised at how many goals they share with each other!

Member portals can also educate and provide brand ambassadors with up to date information on current marketing campaigns, product information, and a general understanding of the brand. Don't let your brand ambassadors stranded guessing about your brand, have one unified stream of knowledge.

A member portal can also allow communication to go bottom up. Members of your ground team can share feedback with managers to make your organization more responsive to trends and aware of what customers actually think about your products.

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ECM (Enterprise Content Management)

Use what you already have.

Traditional ECMs are cumbersome and hard to use, resulting in low user adoption. Employees are already creating content in the collaborative areas of SharePoint based employee portals, so do them and yourself a favour and don't use another ECM that is expensive, hard to use, and has a low adoption rate.

If you already use SharePoint and love it, you can use it as your ECM too! SharePoint as an ECM can automatically classify and declare records, repopulate metadata, and help reduce licensing, infrastructure, and training costs. Smart idea!

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Is your branding personalized and consistent?

The branding of your portal should speak to each of your customers as individuals, and recognize their differences. It should be personalized so each customer feels they have been given the recognition they deserve.

Along with personalization, your branding should also be consistent across all of your platforms and processes. Sharepoint 2013 can easily and seamlessly integrate the branding and style of all of your marketing material. With consistency and personalization, the branding of a portal brings the whole experience together in a seamless package.

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Give people the portal of today, the way they want it!

Times are changing and so is how people access their information. As of 2011, mobile sales exceeded PC sales for the first time, meaning more employees now than ever are accessing their portals via their mobile devices.

Due to this trend, StoneShare can create a portal that views perfectly on mobile devices with three different options.

The first option is a Responsive Portal, which is one site that can do it all. With responsive web development, we can create a portal that will adapt to different screen resolutions and hardware in order to provide an excellent user experience no matter how they view it.

The second option is a dedicated mobile portal, which is best if you can easily predict the scenarios of your mobile user. A dedicated mobile portal can be a cost-effective way to focus on what your users really need, and provide a streamlined experience.

The third option is a dedicated mobile app, which provides rich functionality by taking advantage of device capabilities. This often results in the best overall mobile experience.

Don't fall behind the growing demand for mobile specific portals! It is an opportunity to better engage employees and customers on the go, the way they want it.

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Let them find what they're searching for.

Here's a problem: You spend a lot of time and effort creating the perfect portal design and content, but your customers never appreciate it, or even find it, because they prefer to search for their content.

Search has become one of the definitive ways to find content today, and this should be true of your portal as well. That's why it is important to optimize your search functionality by using the right technology, and keep it updated, fine-tuned, and strongly governed.

StoneShare's information architecture experts, along with SharePoint 2013's excellent integrated search, can ensure that you have the best functioning search experience.

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Let's talk about it.

Social tools in your employee, customer, and member portals have immeasurable value for your business.

For employees, an open line of communication helps empower your employees to share their ideas. When employees share their ideas and are heard, they are part of a team, and naturally more happy and proud to be a part of your organization. Most key decisions come from employees, so listen up and open up.

A sense of community matters for the customer as well. Discussions can be fostered and your customers will feel engaged.

With a sense of community and an open line of communication, you'll be surprised how people will contribute to shared goals. All it takes is a smart social strategy, which StoneShare can help you achieve.

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Forms Workflow

Reduce errors and repetition with Forms Workflow and make it perfect every time!

Are your employees tired of trudging through the same repetitive tasks over and over? Forms workflow guides your employees through processes they'll encounter again and again, such as vacation and leave requests, or on boarding new employees. This guidance makes the process quick and simple, so employees can focus on higher level work.

Not only does workflow save labour time, it also reduces human error and ensures the process is done correctly. Workflows can be audited and reviewed to ensure everything is right on track, and all essential guidelines are met. As well, a workflow can give clear task instructions and ensure your team has the information they need, when they need it.

Don't give yourself and your employees a headache by doing the same repetitive tasks over and over with a high chance of error. Use a workflow to oversee the task and make sure it is perfect every time.

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Let everything work together the way it should

In order to provide real value to your customers and employees with their respective portals, integration is necessary.

Integration can include ERP, CRM, other line-of-business solutions, Active Directory, PeopleSoft, SAP, and Microsoft Dynamics.

Integration is done with consideration to security, performance, and capabilities so that everything is optimized afterwards.

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Don't get blind-sided, keep your information under lock and key.

Often portals are integrated with your line-of-business systems, will contain confidential information, and valuable insights and ideas.

That's a lot of important information that is being poured into your portals, so security is a must! StoneShare can help you get the security you need. We assist in developing a threat model, analyzing infrastructure architecture for vulnerabilities, as well as provide penetration testing, vulnerability scanning, and security audits and reviews.

We are unmatched in our ability to scan a system, find the weaknesses, and do what is necessary to prevent security issues in the future.

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