A SharePoint migration is a long and complicated process where a lot can go wrong, but the rewards are tremendous. That is why they should be handled by those who know SharePoint best and can troubleshoot better than the rest. StoneShare has got your back.

StoneShare has proven experience in seamless, rapid, and error-free migrations to the leading-edge SharePoint platform. StoneShare offers migration from SharePoint 2007, and legacy document and records management systems such as OpenText, DocsOpen, or Hummingbird.

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Planning and Preparation

Since it is an in depth and complicated process to migrate your IT infrastructure to SharePoint, careful planning and analysis is required.

To plan your migration correctly, StoneShare will work with you to set clear milestones, do a system health check, and find any technical challenges that might arise and create solutions for those potential risks. We will take into consideration your budget, and plan either a phased or “big bang” approach to your migration.

In the end, you will have a custom plan that will move your system to SharePoint so you can have all its productive capabilities with none of the headache.


To SharePoint

When migrating to SharePoint, we at StoneShare understand the need for existing settings and content to transition over error free. That’s why when we perform a migration, we will customize the approach based on your existing user base, content, configurations, and customizations. Safety is also vastly important to us, which is why we will strictly adhere to your internal organizational compliance protocols.

With a strong and customized plan, we will carefully perform your migration to SharePoint so you have everything you want from the old system with the performance and productivity advantages of SharePoint.


To the Cloud

StoneShare will support you through every step of your migration to the Cloud to ensure it is a smooth and error-free transition. Whether you decide to migrate your whole system to the Cloud or part of it, we will get your system up and running so you can be on your way to using the awesome features of a Cloud infrastructure.

At StoneShare, we only implement the best practices and in-class strategies to perform a migration that is quick, low cost and has minimal risk. We will use an automated migration process that eliminates the risk of manual errors and keeps your business applications up to date, and proven methodologies that have stood the test of time.

From Legacy Systems

Migrating from a legacy system such as OpenText, DocsOpen, or Hummingbird, is a delicate process that must be done one step at a time. If the implementation is done correctly, the system will be reliable, user friendly, and the documents and records will be easy to find. If not, the system may fail because documents are not properly organized, or the hardware computer system is not capable of hosting such a system.

StoneShare will guide you through the process to obtain the best possible system outcome. We will conduct a feasibility study with a cost and benefit analysis, analyze existing paper systems and electronic documents, and identify problems and inefficiencies within the existing systems. We will use our experience on hundreds of migrations to find the right strategies to ensure your project is a success.

Avoid Migration Traps

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