Strategic Planning
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Strategic Planning

Deploying a SharePoint system as your IT infrastructure is a complicated process, which is why it is imperative to have a strategic plan of how SharePoint will be implemented exactly in your organization in order to make the most of the software and avoid problems in the future.

StoneShare will develop a strategic plan that is customized for your organization’s needs and goals. We will also train and educate your staff on SharePoint so the system is used correctly and there is high-user adoption. Ultimately, you will have a well set up system that can achieve your business goals and carry you into the future.

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Strategic Planning


Deployment and Upgrade Planning

Smell that? It’s a fresh start!

Deployment of a SharePoint system is not an easy task that happens with a click of a button. It is a complicated process that must be tackled comprehensively and with a plan.

StoneShare will work with you to plan a SharePoint deployment that optimizes SharePoint’s capabilities specifically for your organization and will not cause problems in the future. As part of the planning process, StoneShare will also inform you of upgrade costs and benefits so you can stay up to date on the latest software and not miss a beat.

This is an exciting time for your organization to start fresh and move ahead the best way possible, and we will help you take advantage of the opportunity.


Enterprise Architecture

Like a fine fitting suit, we’ll tailor SharePoint just for you.

At StoneShare, our SharePoint Architects ensure that your plan is tailored exactly to your specifications and requirements. We will educate you on the value of SharePoint technology, provide a full overview of the system design, inform you of the requirements you need to have an optimal system, and analyze your business needs. This is all so you can have a reliable and scalable system that is built just for you.


User Adoption Planning

The more you know, the more you grow!

It happens all the time – an organization spends the time and money to roll out a strategic enterprise solution, only to realize that no one wants to use it. User adoption is often one of the top challenges in SharePoint roll-outs as told by SharePoint customers.

In order for your users to embrace your new Information Management Platform, you must create a well thought out user adoption plan that will inform your users of the platform’s advantages.

StoneShare will work with you to create just such a plan using our time tested and comprehensive approach. We will provide in depth tutorials that will explain the advantages of SharePoint, and how to use it best to further your organization’s goals.

Knowledge is power, and the more your users know about the advantages of SharePoint, the more enthusiasm there will be towards embracing its adoption.


Records Management Planning

Drowning in papers? We can help!

It is imperative that all of your organization’s documents, data, and records are managed effectively. With StoneShare’s Records Management Planning, we will streamline your records management processes for both hard copy and electronic documentation so that your content will always be searchable, auditable, and secure. We will also educate you on how to use SharePoint’s record management features, so that you’ll never be stuck under a pile of records again.



Make the move for a brighter future.

Like any great migration, it is a long and complicated process with a lot of risk, but the rewards are tremendous.

Given the difficulty of migration, for it to be a success it requires careful planning and analysis. To plan your migration correctly, StoneShare works with you to set clear milestones, find any technical challenges that might arise, and create solutions for potential risk. We will conduct a system health check, and support and educate your staff along the way making this complicated process a breeze.

StoneShare offers migration from SharePoint 2007 or Windows SharePoint Services, and legacy document and records management systems such as OpenText, DocsOpen, or Hummingbird.



Be future-proof.

We want SharePoint to work perfectly for you and your company’s needs, and so we will plan the infrastructure of your SharePoint implementation with that in mind. Our infrastructure planning assesses the hardware and software requirements of your system for it to run optimally, and takes into account scalability, performance, and security. We make sure it will be in line with future changes that are on the fore-front, making your company flexible to change.

StoneShare will create a timeline that shows how the deployment will work over time in your infrastructure to meet your needs now and in the future.


Governance and Support

With great managing, you can ensure your content is golden.

Strategic planning for the governance of your SharePoint implementation is outlining how your organization’s SharePoint environments will be managed, which roles and responsibilities will the administers have, and who is responsible for what areas of the system. It is imperative to have good governance, or else your content will get out of hand down the road with junk that doesn’t need to be there.

Once a good governance system is in place, then you know the content will be worthwhile for your employees, so they can get the most out of SharePoint.


Change Management

Plan your employees’ adoption of SharePoint.

SharePoint is not just a technology project, it is a change project that involves technology. What this means is you can’t simply change the technology and expect everything to work as before, you need to consider how to train your staff and adjust how people approach the technology in order to implement SharePoint successfully.

StoneShare will plan a Change Management Strategy for your organization the same way you have a Project Management Strategy. We will work with you to define the business goals you want to achieve with the technology, and create effective training programs for your staff so they will know exactly how to use the system. This will make the transition smoother in the long run, and help you make the most out of SharePoint.

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